COVID Vaccine Safety


Allaying Safety Concerns, Reducing Vaccine Hesitancy,
And Saving Lives With Real-Time Analytics And Risk Communication

Plus Demo of CV-19 COVID Vaccine Safety Platform

Tuesday May 11, 2021

1 PM - 3 PM EST

About Webinar

While COVID vaccinations are ramping up across the globe, no active surveillance of COVID Vaccine Adverse Events (AEs) exists. Even the World Health Organization is in search of a solution. This lack of real-time surveillance increases vaccine hesitancy and mistrust.

Join this timely Webinar to learn

  • Why active surveillance of COVID vaccine adverse events is important
  • Why old ways of managing safety will not work in this COVID era.
  • Lack of pharmacovigilance systems in multiple countries to handle Covid vaccine safety
  • The challenges in active surveillance of Adverse events following Covid vaccination

We will also explore:

  • The links between vaccine chemistry and adverse events
  • How to proactively avoid allergic reactions from covid vaccines
  • How to learn which vaccine is safer for you
  • What to do in case of an adverse event and how to reduce overall risks in vaccination campaigns
  • How to fight fake news
  • How to be prepared for future Pandemics if any

Who should join this webinar:

  • Public Health Organization Officers
  • NGO's involved in vaccination
  • Healthcare Professionals ( Hospitals / Pharmacies / Senior HealthCare Centres )
  • Safety Physician
  • Federal / State / Country Health Care Officers
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • CXO of Large Enterprises
  • Health Insurance Professionals

Webinar will also include demo of 3Analytics's AI platform VC-19 which has been specifically designed to handle COVID Vaccine Adverse Events and is also acknowledged by World's largest health organization for a global rollout.

Webinar Speaker

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Dr. Dharani Gokul Munirathinam

Chief Scientific Officer, 3Analytics

  • A Physician, turned entrepreneur, with 15 years of extensive experience in the Science of Drug & Device Safety and Pharmacovigilance (PV) both Clinical Trial and Post-Marketing. He is driven by the zeal to help fellow drug safety colleagues and save lives and is passionate about Patient Safety and use of AI technology. Dedicated to make a difference during this unprecedented times by developing AI driven VC-19 Application. Vaccines are insurance in protecting patients from Covid and VC-19 Application is another layer of insurance for using vaccines.
  • Core member of 3 NDA submissions and 2 BLA submission teams.
  • Safety lead in 4 Data base lock activities.
  • Lead a successful FDA audit in Feb 2019 and PMDA Pre Approval Inspection in Nov 2019.
  • Medical device safety analysis for two combo products marketed in EU.
  • FMEA and Device risk management expertise.
  • Expertise in authoring health hazard evaluation reports & device risk management.
  • Extensive experience in conceptualizing and implementing SOP’s, process improvement, resource allocation, costing and utilization, helping Pharmaceutical and services organization to leverage my skills in the PV space.
  • Demonstrated business acumen in leading and managing End to End PV Operations, effectively discharging responsibilities and achieving a higher rate of organic growth.
  • An energetic, self-motivated leader with hands on experience in Project management, Business Analysis, requirements gathering and customization and Business Consulting.
  • Awarded as R&D Star by Bristol-Meyers Squib (BMS) for Innovation in the Aggregate Reporting process of PV.

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