Investor Pitch Series

Investor Pitch Series

A weekly meet series which provides a platform to connect entrepreneurs with investors.


A Platform for investors to invest in innovative startups!!!!
10xGrowth welcomes you to investor pitch series wherein we provide a platform to the entrepreneurs to demonstrate their business idea. Investors also come across. By this event, we aim to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas but are looking for strategic partners for funds and other services. On the flip side, many investors often look for bright prospects to invest in. Thus, the purpose of this event is to provide a common platform wherein you could actually interact with the founders of startups and hear their pitch, ask questions and if all is in according to your needs, take the next step forward. Thus, benefiting everyone as a whole


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We’re a Marketplace for Home Chefs and Caterers!

We enable passionate chefs to become homepreneurs without making large capital investments!

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