Flourishing Souls

Flourishing Souls

Advisory, training and coaching firm that focuses on evolved performance of individuals and organizations.

Our Services:

A. Training:

1. AATMAnager: Aatmanager is a person who has desire for learning and investing in himself for flourishing. If you do not invest in your own self who will? The Best ROI is in self-investment. It has a compounding effect on your growth.

2. Souleader: Souleader is a values conscious leader impacting and influencing others for a common cause by channeling resources in an effective manner.

3. Spiriteneurs: Spiriteneurs are entrepreneurs that are on a mission to solve problems of society and in the process generate wealth for themselves.

4. Corporate Training

B. Coaching:

1. Incredible You Coaching: You will get coached to define, prioritize and achieve your vision and goals using a system that will ensure a higher probability of achievement. It’s about understanding your values and taking actions in all areas of life.

2. Leadership Value Maximiser Coaching: You will understand the values that drive your leadership. It will assist in getting clarity on your personality, leadership competencies that will enhance your effectiveness. It will understand your motivation for your actions to achieve your vision and mission.

3. Evolved Business Coaching: It will help to identify your vision, values and mission that drive your business.
It will create your business model canvas and understand the critical processes and measures that will help you to scale your business. Subsequently it will identify the strategies that you will adopt to achieve your objectives for the year.

4. Happiness Coaching

5. Career Counseling: We believe it is important to choose a right career to enjoy life. Else you will end up in careers that will give you stress and you will not be as productive as you could be. By combining a personality test, Multiple intelligence test and Multiple Nature test we would be able to draw deep insights about you to narrow down on the best careers in which you can flourish and enjoy the rest of your life.

C. Consultancy:

1. Enterprise Performance Management System

2. Employee Performance Accelerator & Appraisal System


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